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Resonant Pathways – a new environmental sound project

A solo environmental art project with violins out in the natural environment Resonant Pathways is a solo project by electroacoustic composer and improviser Bennett Hogg, in which experiences of free improvisation with an acoustic violin are extended into interactions with the natural environment, in the pursuit of an ecosystemic sonic arts practice. That this is […]

Working Through the New: Consciousness, Embodiment, Gesture and Intertextuality

“Working Through the New” is a paper-in-progress that has been given in various different conference formats this year, and includes material from “Ideas of ‘The New’” (available on this site), as well as from the Creativity, Innovation, and Labour in Music symposium, chaired by Jason Toynbee, and held in July at the Open University, Milton […]

Ideas of “The New”

This is the rough text of a talk I gave at the “Nothing New?” Conference in Huddersfield recently.  It needs referencing, and editing, but I’m putting it up here as a sort of extended blog.  pdf. version available for download over on the “academic writing” pages. Ideas of the New Bennett Hogg “Nothing New? Understanding […]

Great Parisian Modernists

Great Parisian Modernists is the (probably) rather unlikely sounding title of a projected cycle of pieces for solo instruments and voices, with live electronics, that draw connections between “Great Parisian Modernists” and figures or ideas from ancient mythologies that are in some ways associated with them.  The project is modular insofar as each individual piece […]

New release on “Clinical Archives” web label

I’ve already been involved in two projects released on the Moscow-based web label “Clinical Archives”, both improv projects of one sort or another – “My Little Pop Group” and “Wormhole“.  This most recent release is a short piece with long-term musical collaborator (and member of both “My Little Pop Group” and “Wormhole”) electric guitarist, circuit-bender, […]

The Resistant Violin – STEIM

Bennett Hogg – Residency at STEIM – Nov 5th- Nov 16th 2008 The Resistant Violin – Project Blog and Information click here for printable version – pdf The Resistant Violin: Initial ideas and concept The Resistant Violin is a work-in-progress that aims to find a way of adapting a violin, the main instrument I have […]