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New release on “Clinical Archives” web label

I’ve already been involved in two projects released on the Moscow-based web label “Clinical Archives”, both improv projects of one sort or another – “My Little Pop Group” and “Wormhole“.  This most recent release is a short piece with long-term musical collaborator (and member of both “My Little Pop Group” and “Wormhole”) electric guitarist, circuit-bender, and deafening noise generator John Ferguson.  The track is an edited and remixed version of some live improv recordings we’ve made over the past couple of years, and is called Steaming Priest – no one knows why, but that’s what it’s called.

Duo improvisations are, for me, the most nerve-wracking, and often the least satisfying groupings, but when they do work the rawness and exposed quality they often have makes for music that I often feel most proud of – even if it doesn’t sound as complex, lush, or impressive. This is something akin to the difficulty of writing a good solo instrument piece – a lot of the ideas end up not really working, it’s a struggle to come up with things that work convincingly, yet when you manage it you really feel like you achieved something, and learned a lot about your own creativity – positive and negative – at the same time (actually, I am right now getting to grips with writing the first piece in a projected cycle of solo pieces with live electronics, that may end up as an opera, or a God-knows-what, so maybe that’s why this idea is so resonant right now).

John and I feature on CD8 of “Clinical Archives” massive 9-CD compilation Clinical Jazz, which also features a solo track by John, Sunday at STEIM and a track by another of our friends and colleagues, Adam Parkinson, working under his stage name of “Ilton JN” (aka “Ilton Joan”).  This is just a magnificantly rich, diverse and exciting sampler of many of the “Clinical Archives” artists, and is well worth a listen.  “Something for everyone”, is, I believe, what they say.

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