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I lecture in music at the International Centre for Music Studies in Newcastle University in the north of England, where I recently completed my doctoral thesis The Cultural Imagination of the Phonographic Voice, 1877-1940.  In my thesis I explored the use of some of the theoretical perspectives from Lacanian psychoanalysis as well as from Frankfurt School theorists and some of the more recent theorists of the impact of technology upon our culture and our subjectivities.  As a practicing musician and improviser I am also fascinated by the role and position of the body that we articulate and make visible/audible through musical activity.  This has more recently led me into reading about theories of consciousness – particularly Francesco Varela and his notion of “enactive consciousness” – and I will be giving papers on this research at several conferences over the coming year, and no doubt putting drafts of these papers up on this site.  I will also soon publish a chapter in a book on music and consciousness edited by Eric Clarke (Oxford) and David Clarke (Newcastle) where I look into my own practice as an improviser to deconsctruct the Cartesian division of mind and body, with reference to both free improvisation and the Laboratory Theatre of Jerzy Grotowski.  I am also working on a couple of extended articles on Pierre Boulez’s Le Marteau sans Maitre which will focus in particular on the “transformation” of the singing voice into the alto flute in the final movement of the cycle – a process which I argue “touches edges” with issues informing the cultural imagination of the human relations between humans and machines in the post-phonographic age.