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Sten-Olof Hellström

During January 2007, while I was working at EMS, Stockholm on the piece “What did you find?”, I stayed with my friends Sten-Olof Hellstrom and Ann Rosen in their amazing house in Nacka, a suburb of Stockholm that is very close to lakes and forests and wilderness.  Sten-Olof and I had been playing improv together, sporadically, since we met as postgraduate students of Denis Smalley in Norwich in 1990.  The four tracks January 2007 No. 1 – 4 that are available on the “Music links and downloads” pages were mostly made by editing, mixing together, and reworking large slabs of freely improvised materials that we’d recorded over a two-week period, partly at EMS, and partly in Sten-Olof’s kitchen.  I play violin, and Sten-Olof plays all of the electronics, including a Nord Synth, a home-made “crackle box”, and a complex synthesiser built in MAX/MSP.