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l’oiseau chant avec ses doigts

for 10-string guitar and live electronics.

l'oiseau chant avec ses doigts - MS excerpt

l'oiseau chant avec ses doigts - MS sketch

have a look at some working sketches for l’oiseau…

l’oiseau chant avec ses doigts is the first piece to be composed in the projected cycle Great Parisian Modernists (which is a “working” title, for the moment). It is composed for the great Swedish guitar virtuoso Magnus Andersson, and due to be premiered in Summer 2009. Funding for the project has come through EMS, Stockholm, where some of the electroacoustic elements will be being realised.

Cegeste dead carried by the motorcyclists of Death

Cegeste's body carried by the motorcyclists of Death

It references the film Orphée by Jean Cocteau, in which Orpheus goes to Hades to bring back his wife Euridice, but also falls in love with Death (played by Maria Casares – who was also one of the vocalists in Artaud’s final radiophonic work Pour en finir avec le judgement de Dieu), and listens to the voice of the dead poet Cégèste broadcasting surreal, poetic aphorisms through the radio in Death’s Rolls-Royce.  Unusually I use moments of literal and excat repetition in the piece (I have tended to avoid repetitions on principle in this sort of composition) to reflect the way in which Cégèste reads his lines – “L’oiseau chant avec ses doigts . . . deux fois . . . je répète . . . L’oiseau chant avec ses doigts . . . je répète . . .” and so on.

More text, conceptual outlines, and project blog to follow.Orphee listening to Death's radio

Orphee listening to the voice of Cégèste broadcasting poetic lines over the radio in Death’s Rolls-Royce, lines which Orphee will pass off as his own work.