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What did you find?

“What did you find?” was composed at EMS, Stockholm during January 2007, using a combination of protools for editing and mixing and the STEIM live performance software LiSa and junXion to generate live material.  Source sounds are recordings of high frequency feedback filtered through graphic eq, viola, and the sound of the local train in Stockholm.

The title “What did you find?” asks the audience to decide what the sounds “mean”, but also reflects my fascination with “found” objects.  Three “found” sounds are used, an old viola played with excessive bow pressure, acoustic feedback that is specific to a particular studio space in Newcastle, and recordings of the Saltsjobanan, part of Stockholm’s public transport network. The high frequency feedback sounds are taken to one extreme of hearing, sometimes reaching the pain threshold and obliterating other sounds.  When they subside the other sounds can be heard as though intense pressure has been removed from the ears.  By contrast, the public transport sounds appear on the opposite threshold of hearing, an almost inaudible ambience.  Both of these sound types are extreme, and in their different ways they interfere with “natural” listening – one obliterates details, the other forces us to strain to hear details.  Between these extremes, the viola sounds seem almost organic, human-sized and alive.

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“What did you find?”

This is only an mp3 copy of the piece – should anyone be interested in performing it live or broadcasting it I can send an AIFF version or a CD copy in the post.  Just email me at