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Wormhole – duo improvisations and a solo

Four improvisations, untitled as yet, that John Ferguson and I recorded a couple of years ago that turned up on a hard drive recently.  John mastered the multitrack originals.  Two of the tracks (improvs 3 and 4) were recorded in the stairwell outside of the recording studio.  Although detail gets lost, and the sound quality is not of the highest standard, there’s something of the excitement of making all of that space resonate – the feeling, when you play into a very reverberant space, that the music is an almost physical medium and that you the payer is not only making the sound but that you are also somehow subject to the sound, a certain loss of conscious agency or intent, feeling more like you’re being pushed and moved around by the sound, as though it’s the sound making you do what you’re doing, not the other way round.  An interesting frisson where the ego gets undermined – at least to an extent.

improv 1
improv 2
improv 3
improv 4
solo viola