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As well as being the mythological figure associated with Picasso, Minotaure was also the name of one of the surrealist periodicals of the 1930s – a second layer of connection with the “Great Parisian Modernists” that is yet to be fully explored.  The piece will be for bass voice and live electronics, and the singer Richard Wistreich will be working with me on this when we both find time to do so!

There’s is an interesting blog page by Ben Heine on the Minotaur in art – including an essay on Picasso and the Myth of the Minotaur by Martin Ries that I have found inspiring in researching ideas for the piece.

– then there’s a whole string of images of the Minotaur (mostly Picasso, a couple by Andre Masson, and Rene Magritte’s cover for the surrealist periodical Minotaure.

Le Minotaure et sa Femme (Picasso)

Le Minotaure et sa Femme (Picasso)

Dying Minotaur (Picasso)

Dying Minotaur (Picasso)Minotaure - engraving (Picasso)

Minotaure devant une grotte

Minotaure devant une grotte (Picasso)

Andre Masson - Minotaure

Andre Masson - Minotaure

Andre Masson - Minotaure (sketch)
Minotaure - Magritte
Minotaure - engraving (Picasso)

Minotaure - engraving (Picasso)