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you cannot believe me…..


for modified tenor sax and live electronics.

Voices are projected into the saxophone, the sounds are ruptured, delirious.  Like Cassandra, whom no one could believe, pure psychic automatism.  Actually true.  Mad love.

“In 1919 my attention had been drawn to the phrases of varying length that, in complete solitude, as I was falling asleep, became perceptible to my mind, without my being able to find anything that might have predetermined them.  These sentences, which were syntactically correct and remarkably rich in images, struck me as poetic elements of the first rank.  At first I did no more than jot them down.  Only later did Soupault and I think of voluntarily re-creating in ourselves the state in which they took form. . . . . . in the absence of any critical intervention on our parts, the judgements to which the publication of such a book [Les Champs Magnétiques] might expose us fall by the wayside a priori.  Nonetheless, by heeding voices other than our own unconscious, even in fun, we risked compromising this self-sufficient murmur in its essence, and I believe that this is ultimately what happened.  Nevermore after this, on the occasions when we waited this murmur in hopes of capturing it for precise ends, did it take us very far.  And yet such had been its power that I expect nothing else to afford a greater revelation.  I have never lost my conviction that nothing said or done is worthwhile outside obedience to that magic dictation.  That is the secret of the irresitible attraction that certain individuals excert on us, whose only interest is to have made themselves the echo of what we are tempted to consider the universal consciousness – or, if you prefer, to have gathered (without necessarily grasping their meaning) a few words fallen from the ‘mouth of shadows’.”

André Breton, “The Mediums Enter” from The Lost Steps, trans. Mark Polizzotti (Lincoln, Nebraska and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1996 [original French publication date 1924]), pp. 90-91.

More info about you cannot believe me….. will be forthcoming as the piece develops.

In the meantime, here’s an automatic poem made with online translation software and Mrs. Valerie MacIntosh-Voksx.

Litany (automatic translation poem No. 1) note: there’s about 5 seconds of silence at the start of this