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Quartet with Robert van Heumen

Robert van Heumen, Bennett Hogg, Paul Bell, John Ferguson from john on Vimeo.

This is a gig with John Ferguson (guitars and electronics), Paul Bell (DJ decks and electronics), Robert van Heumen (live electronics) and myself (violin) that we played during Robert’s residency at Culture Lab, Newcastle during June 2008. Robert is based at STEIM, and is a true virtuoso of LiSa and junXion that he controls with an Extreme 3D Pro games controller joystick. There was a very dirty rock ‘n’ roll vibe to this set which I think we all enjoyed a great deal!!! John and Robert have formed a great duo act, Whistle Pig Saloon, that’s starting to get gigs around the place, and who are really worth catching live if you get the chance. Here’s a link through to the Whistle Pig Saloon page on Robert’s blog too