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My Little Pop Group

My Little Pop Group at Konstakademien, Stockholm, December 2005

"My Little Pop Group" in Stockholm, December 2005

“My Little Pop Group” was formed in 2004 by John Ferguson (electric guitar), Bennett Hogg (violin), Will Schrimshaw (live electronics and ocassionally drums) and John Ayers (bass clarinet) as a free improv band that played a few gigs – perhaps most notably at Fylkingen, Stockholm and The Cumberland Arms, Byker, made a few recordings – an album of which was released on the net label “Clinical Archives” under the title A Dark Room on a Summer’s Day.  The band name is still ocassionally in use for what is now a loose collection of reasonably like-minded musicians who work together from time to time, and which now also includes Adam Parkinson (live electronics and bass guitar) and Jamie Thompson (oboe).  In the picture are members of the original line up playing at the exhibition Schhh… of Ann Rosen at Konstakademien (The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm – you can read the essay I wrote for the catalogue of the exhibition on this site, if you’re interested), featuring from left to right John Ferguson, John Ayers, Bennett Hogg and Will Schrimshaw. You can listen to some tracks not on the Clinical Archives release at “My Little Pop Group’s” myspace site.